Heaven or Hell? The choice is yours.
To choose, visit our venue located at:
Mateus | Shirogane | Ward 12, Plot 37.

Heaven or Hell — in which realm of reality does your soul reside? Were you a saint, to be rewarded with the Light bathing you in it's warm and boundless protection? Or were you a sinner, fated to have the Dark burn away at your soul for all eternity?

About Us

Eluded Ecstasy is a Free Company-ran dual club & cafe, aiming to provide guests with a high caliber of enjoyment as well as an escape from everyday life - brought to you by the Eluded Existence <Elude> Free Company.Our beachside Shirogane mansion is host to TWO VENUES in one! A Heavenly lounge/bar & dancefloor, and our Hellish bar & party space! Featuring bars serving delightful concoctions, regular giveaways, curated bard music, and music DJed live on Twitch! Our employees are ready for light roleplay and our bartenders are eager to serve. Come for the party or for some socialization & relaxation, and see what the hype is all about here at Eluded Ecstasy!Join our club Discord below to keep up with announcements, our schedule, events, and to participate with our club community!

Icon and drink art by: Artbydrans

Bringing the party to Eluded Ecstasy, our resident DJs share a Hellishly strong passion for music that makes the demons go crazy and the angels sing loud.

Aemilia Satella

Hi! My name is Aemilia Satella - I am a FFXIV Viera VTuber and DJ.I want to bring people together and promote love, forgiveness, inclusivity, and kindness.
I am always looking to have as much fun as possible with others through my sets and streams.
As an amateur DJ, I am navigating a journey with my decks, and with my music. Happy to have you be a part of it!
DJ Sets are typically themed and I put in a lot of love and effort to personalize and make them special.
I am the owner of the Eluded Ecstasy Nightclub on the FFXIV Crystal Datacenter, open on Monday and Saturday nights. Come see my friends, family, and I there!
Want to book me to play at your venue? Join the Eluded Ecstasy Discord server and message my manager Mimi Mars with details.

Dj Potate

Just a lalafel that loves BASS! Hit that discord link to get the most updated info on all things Potate!


Good DAY! My name Is Rof, and I've been streaming on Twitch since 2013. (Two of those years under the name "MetalGearRof"). I'm a variety streamer who loves voice roleplay and sometimes gets horribly addicted to RPGs. (Especially Final Fantasy)


Hi! My name is Kaen and I stream music for my friends. ♥

Noa Saitoshii

Hi there! I’m Noa Saitoshii
I'm an artist, designer, and musician with a deep deep love and passion for creating immersive experiences that bring people together.Initially, this channel will focus on building our community around two focuses:FFXIV Housing
I want to build spaces for you in FFXIV. Specifically, I want to create a cluster of interconnect builds that serve as social hubs where our community can grow and share in experiences together.
I also want to show you a look "into my mind" as I work, exploring the creative process and what goes into thinking like a designer / virtual architect.DJ Sets
I want to find and gather those who share my love and taste of electronic music, especially the groovy, melodic, and uplifting kind.
There is something so special about sharing in musical experiences with people and I hope these performances can be a source of joy as well as help bond and bring us all together..If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, please, join us! :) Let's create something wonderful together ~

Rules & Etiquette

  • Treat guests and staff with dignity and respect. Discrimination and harassment of any sort will not be tolerated.

  • Please do not bring OOC negativity or drama into venue settings.

  • Please desummon minions to allow greatest capacity!

  • Please stow your weapons!

  • No full nudity on the premises.

  • Please do not use shout chat.

VIP Program

Pay 150k gil a month OR boost our Discord Server to receive the following benefits:

  • Specialized role in the server (Cardinals)

  • Free Drinks at the bars or outside at Purgatory Cafe

  • The ability to dance on the stage rafters (the rusty stages on the top left or top right!)

  • 5x the amount of raffle entries

  • Access to a VIP Channel in our Discord

If you're looking for the party, look no further. Come and unveil your darker side! Our lower floor is where you'll find our larger dance floor, our very own Hell bar with drinks from the underworld, and our more sinful dancers.

Hell - Menu

Welcome to the Underworld! These drinks are available at our Hell bar.

Hades' Spicy Pickle Martini

(5,000 Gil)
Enjoy a drink you won’t find anywhere else: Hades’ Spicy Pickle Martini. This cocktail will really make you feel the flames of hell...... Spicy fried pickles, anyone? (Not to be confused with the “Spicy Pickle” sea animal.)
Comprised of vodka, spices, pickle juice, and ice. Garnished with a pickle slice, then lit on fire and served!

The Final Days

(7,000 Gil)
Don't let this drink's foreboding name fool you: its noticeable smoke-and-spice kick is cut with the perfect balance of citrus and sweetness - to help keep your mind off of things!
Enjoy this drink crafted with smoked Fallgourd gin, blood orange liqueur, blackberry & star anise syrup, and a dash of honey lemon juice, served over crushed ice. Garnished with mint sprig, blackberries & candied blood orange slices.

The Void Arkaholic

(8,000 Gil)
A pink drink made from equal parts Limsa Lominsa distilled cherry brandy, Hingashian sake-inspired vermouth, and Sharlayan sailors’ personal gin.
A final addition to the elixir is a mysterious droplet, the shade of blood crimson, encased in ice. Behold the spectacle as the drinks’ colors shift rapidly in a haze of mist, from pastel pink to a black so deep it brings comparison only to shadows cast in the void itself.


The one who makes this all possible!

Aemilia Satella

Owner / Hostess / DJ


Trust me, it was more chaotic before we hired them.

Red Riya


Age: 25
RP Friendly
A Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te Dancer originally living in Limsa Lominsa, who travelled around to visit all the best venues around the various citystates of Eorzea.
She formed a travelling hype team Party Bus and cheered on the staff and patrons wherever they rolled in. Eventually however, these venues welcomed in the crew and they now run venues (and DJ in them) around the world!Remember, Heaven or Hell, come on out and say hello and be ready to enjoy the show!

Mimi (Mimi Mara) Mars


Age: ???
RP Friendly (Ask)
"tbh didn't really thinks about this XD"
- Mimi Mars


Sit down a while. Have a drink, why don't you?

Katy Vargeth

Bartender / Dancer / Musician

Always in Character
The tiny traveling musician from Gridania, Katy Vargeth is a ray of sunshine even on the darkest night. She was born a runt and was made fun of growing up for being so small, but she found her purpose in seeing the world and making people happy with her performances. She may be be a bit of an ingénue, but she's a fast learner and is always willing to try her best.

Kagero Bakaro


RP Friendly
A young Raen who dreams of being an accomplished chef and sommelier. He left his aquatic homeland due to the nepotistic Iemoto or "grandmaster" system that made it hard to become trained in roles like catering noble feasts, preparing sushi, or the paring of sake with food, without being a blood descendant of a grandmaster, or someone a grandmaster previously took in. And so he traveled westward, where places like The Bismarck will take in anyone who will work hard and be a boon to their reputation.


More than just eye-candy~

Atsi Hanako

Dancer / Gatekeeper / Hostess

Age: 25
RP Friendly
Comes from a Rava clan back in Golmore jungle, fled to Limsa Lominsa at a very young not wanting to be subjugated by the Garlean Empire, though her family didn’t make it, she vowed to honor her family dreams of venturing the Realm.
Finding a home in Elude Ecstasy after years of traveling and and adventuring, Meeting new people and befriending them was never an issue so the club and venue life seemed a perfect fit for her.
On some nights you will see her dancing and either Heaven or Hell, Or welcoming you at the gates in some others nights.

Lilianna Stormbringer


Age: ???
RP Friendly
"Lili" to her friends and loved ones. She has a fondness for shenanigans and approaches life and all things with a mischievous gleam in violet hued eyes. An infamous napper, finding any random house to crash at. So if you do find her in your home, napping peacefully, know that she was all up in your business!

Kiko Chanel


Age: ???
RP Friendly
Fabulous, fun, and flirty! I love to make everyone smile! Always looking for fun and loves to dance, especially with patrons, all you have to do is ask! No matter how many times this bun has her heart broken, she just can't give up on love!
"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different."
- Coco Chanel

Silken (Silk / Silky) Vixen


Age: ???
RP Friendly
Sometimes bad, sometimes good, always amazing and ready to party!! Silk is also like a blackfooted cat, small and adorable but deadly when called for.
"Every girl is a doll, either Barbie, or Annabelle.... in my case, I'm both."
- Silken Vixen

Shooby Doobydoo


Age: 24
RP Friendly
Former Hell Dancer that was embraced by the light of my sinful past and able to ascend to Heaven.

Alaia Kane


Age: ???
RP Friendly
I'm a bad little bunny who likes to turn it up! On the floor, I'll melt your cup! Heaven's gates melt from my heat! I'm melted candy, sticky sweet! Demons of Hell, jump and shriek! When in the presence, of this Super Freak! So don't be afraid, don't be shy. Dance with me, and touch the sky!

Kikuasui Kogane


Age: ???
RP Friendly
Absolutely loves all forms of music as she travels to hear a bit of everything. She is always holding a friendly warm smile on her face, and has been told she is a decent flirt sometimes. She always is one to show her love and make sure everyone is happy and feeling okay too. Please do approach and allow her to show you some love.
"You are all beautiful and amazing people! Never let anyone Tell you otherwise!"
-Kikuasui Kogane

Darling Franxx


RP Friendly
You will see this fallen angel dancing in both heaven and hell. I can be your angel of light, or your temptress of the night.

Aoi Joi


RP Friendly
Loves to dabble in everything. Is an omnicrafter and loves to randomly farm and craft things for no other reason than to have something to do. When out doing duties, prefers to go in headfirst as Paladin and protect everyone else with her.

Vasha Akusker


RP Friendly (New)
Casual player, always down to find friends to hang out with, and bit of an introvert.
If you see me at the venues feel free to say hi!

Shin Oyama


RP Friendly
Equal parts addicted to content and the nightlife, you'll catch me dancing in the circle before the duty starts or in the venue crowd! I enjoy seeing everyone having a great time and will not rest until I see everyone moving. Don't be shy around me as I'm easily approachable so please come up for a fun convo or a dance partner! And while you will mostly spot me in Heaven, I do drop down to Hell on occassion for a fun time! ~

Bellu Clau


RP Friendly
A miqo who has fallen in love with the venue scene in FFXIV, though I also like doing most casual content (and suffering in solo potd). I'm actually pretty shy, but I cover it by pretending to be outgoing to the point where I've fooled myself pretty well! I really enjoy talking with people, so feel free to shoot me a tell and ask for a dance or even just to say hi!

Valkyriess Frost


RP Friendly
A Vierra banished from her home for doing good. Collected and made a raider by warriors. She has found a new land and is taking it by storm! With a taste for metal and rock music she looks to have a good time and meet new people!

Pathogin Moonfall

Dancer / Hype

RP Friendly
Friend to all kittens....well, to all.....Infamous bun ear eater. If youre a bun and have floppy ears, they will be consumed. Love all things social!


Isn't it nice to have someone welcome you home?

Potato (Tato) Pancakes

Gatekeeper / Dancer

Age: 30
RP Friendly
Tato was, a little spud. She grew just from, a tiny bud.
No more content within the "Patch", she sprouted legs, now through the hatch.
She found herself inside a hall, surrounded there by all the "talls".
They taught her of their weary plight, but pizza was her main delight.
Alas she traveled near and far, to arrive now at, the red Bazaar.
Upon that deck she heard a shout, that led her just to learn about,
A club so fabled in its mission, to bring about an intervention.
Now down to hell she goes! But what she'll see there, No one knows....

Ivon Indigo

Gatekeeper / Dancer / Host

Age: 26
RP Friendly (Please Ask)
Quiet and shy at first but will show her more bubbly and comedic side before long. When adventuring Ivon prefers to lead the charge as either a Paladin or Dark Knight or unleashing unimaginable pain as a Reaper or Dragoon. A recent home owner who spends too much of her free time and gil decorating her not so humble abode. Can occasionally be found weaving new outfits together in any city state or out in the wild harvesting materials for both her own profession and for others.
Quote: " Keep smiling, shine on and never change my glowing stars!"


Capturing memories at the sound of the shutter!

Luna Royal

Photographer / Website Manager

Age: 22
RP Friendly
"The Void Witch" Fun-loving and Charismatic run-away thief-gone-straight-edge. Always making jokes and trying to make people's night memorable!

Wynter Moon


RP Friendly
Aura Wynter who represents the light side of the moon and Miqote Wynter who represents the dark side of the moon! Both super friendly and very loving. You will see me Mondays for the heaven shift! If you want a photo while I'm there, just send me a tell!

Dragovichel (Drago) Thyren

Photographer / Dancer

Age: ???
RP Friendly
Just a wandering fox that likes to take photos.

S'cylle Cirhe


Age: 22
RP Friendly
S'cylle is a bright, bubbly Miqo'te with a similar start to most others of her race. She lost her parents quite young, and grew up in Thavnair, where she learned the arts of Dancing from the moment she stepped foot onto the dazzling red sands of the islands.
S'cy fell in love with photography on her travels; jotting down notes in her Sightseeing log inspired her to try and capture people and places from all different perspectives, and now she is rarely seen without her trusted camera in her hands! You'll almost always hear her before you see her; her laugh is loud and distinctive, as are her tattoos and bright smile! ♥

Zamira Grame


Age: 22
RP Friendly
Zamira is a wandering photographer that likes to take photos of others and herself of course at locations she hears about or sees randomly while exploring. She's very approachable but can be quite timid, but once more comfortable, she won't leave you alone. She loves the support of her friends and always does her best to give back to those who helped her.
If you see me during the Hell shift, don't be afraid to ask for a photo! Everyone's photo I do there while working will be free.

Y'nisha Nox


Age: 19
RP Friendly (Please Ask)
Y'nisha is a fun loving miqo who loves earwiggles and taking photos. She loves to make friends and joke around, but will absolutely stab a bitch if someone hurts those she cares about. She is honest and caring, and does her best to uphold her values even in tough times. She is very non-judgmental and her philosophy is if it doesn't hurt anyone to go for it!

Kaz Cygnus


RP Friendly
Former combat specialist, Kaz Cygnus, has a strange allure to her. Some seem drawn to her cold gaze, others find comfort in her honeyed words. Regardless, she enjoys capturing raw human interaction with photography, and those she meets are always welcome to be captured by her camera.

Yuki Nahitoa


Age: 23
RP Friendly (New, Please Ask)
Just your shy, non-local gpose addict. I'm pretty good at hiding in the shadows since I'm a ninja. But if you happen to find me, come say hi♡
"I'd be honored to capture your favorite memories"
- Yuki Nahitoa

Quinny Faelin

Photographer / Dancer

RP Friendly
Hiyo! The name is Quinn! I have worked clubs for a little over a year now!
I am typically working on my FC on Malboro with my closest friends or taking fun photos with my free time!
I typically am around most afternoons and I do the heckin' content (mostly as Unga Bunga Clan lately~) so if you need help, feel free to send me a tell!

Promotions Team

To drag you off to Heaven or Hell.

Zia Teris


Age: 28
RP Friendly
Just your friendly neighborhood miqo'te here, likes nature and dancing and making things.


The social butterflies of Eluded Ecstasy. Because clubs are more fun with someone to talk to!

Menyss Crescent


Age: 29
RP Friendly
Just an average Miqo'te who loves otters, jazz, lofi, and other music. I am a kind soul who wants to help others and make sure they feel safe. I can get hyper or lodu at times but I want to help. I want to make sure people have a wonderful time here. If you see me about message me, please.
OOC Quote: "I am just me."

Hosts and Hostesses

Need something, traveler?

Ciaxlia (Cia) Hien


Age: 26
RP Friendly
With a penchant for Chaos and a habit of making way to many boiled eggs, she fell in with the Eluded Ecstasy family and found her calling as a raiser of HELL! Having been lost in the aetheric sea after her original star shard rejoined, she woke up in the shroud with no memory of who she was or where she came from. Normally wearing pastel pinks and whites, you will find her in a fiery uniform in the dungeon of Eluded while you party to your hearts content! Join Cia as she drowns the later half of your evening in liquor and flames!

Bibby Dee

Host / Bartender

Age: 90
RP Friendly (SFW)
Orphaned at a young age, he was kidnapped from his home in the Golmore Jungle and forced into running errands and smuggling goods for the Syndicate in Ul’dah. Passed around the Monetarists to achieve their criminal motives, he eventually fell under the ownership of Teledji Adeledji until the lalafell’s untimely death. Finding his chance to escape the shackles of exploitation, he snuck out of the city on the first ship to Limsa Lominsa and befriended the leader of a local biker gang after saving his life during a bar fight. Upon earning the trust of the other gang members, he worked his way up the ranks before becoming second-in-command and being given responsibility over the gang’s activities in Eastern La Noscea.

Ronin Wolves

Hype Man Extraordinaire!

Age: ???
RP Friendly (SFW)
Self proclaimed Energizer Bunny cause I just keep on going!! Nobody can catch me cause to me, everybody's tiptoeing!! Heaven or Hell? Doesn't matter where!! 100% charged and ready to go, I'll be there!! Don't stop, can't stop, won't stop wherever i go!! Living life to the fullest and dreaming bigger because I said so!! Chase me down and say "what's up?"!! Only real legends can keep up!!
- Ronin Wolves

Alexandra Donquixote


Age: 24
RP Friendly
Hi! My name is Alexandra, a 24 year old bimbo who has nothing on the mind but shopping, shiny things, and One Piece! Legend says that if you listen closely, when i shake my hair out, you can hear the lone braincell in my head shake like a maraca. ♡♡♡♡

Bebeque Chicken

Host / Dancer / Janitor

RP Friendly
All right let's do this one last time, my name is Bebeque Chicken and I was bitten by radioactive chicken and for the last year I have been the one and only Party Chicken. I'm sure you know the rest, with great chickness comes great partying.


Has anyone seen my tomestone lying around?

Ladonia Tormelados


RP Friendly (SFW)
Calling herself the "Maid of Darkness", this Veena claims to work various part time jobs in order to fund her "research". She is often seen wearing an eyepatch, magitech monoptics, or other eye covering, in order to "constrain the power of my Auricite Eye, The Sealer of 99 Black Contracts."


Better behave, now. Ya hear?

Kazan Rekka/Esteem


Age: ???
RP Friendly (Will Reach Out if Desired)
Be you angel or devil, sinner or saint, these two will stand before you as judgement, should the rules be violated.

Tarot Readers

Let's see what the cards have in store for this one~

Mono'sono (Mono) Glu'tame

Tarot Reader

Age: ???
RP Friendly (SFW)
Tarot reader from the lands of Shirogane - she learned tarot reading and Magicks from her family and with her goddess - Tsukuyomi. With these abilities, she hopes to provide insight for her patrons who wish to get a glimpse into their future!
"May the Winds of the Kami guide you and the Light of the Moon shine through the Darkness" - Mono'sono Glu'tame

Welcome to the very heights of Heaven! Our upper floor features both a lounge & dance floor.Our lounge & bar area offers a more intimate atmosphere for roleplaying and relaxing, as well as calming music curated and performed by our bards.Across the hall is our divine dance floor - Angels know how to party, too!

Heaven - Menu

Behold the delights of Heaven itself! These drinks are available at our Heaven bar.

Celestial Creamsicle

(5,000 Gil)
A perfectly sweet and delightful treat of a drink, with a kick that might sneak up on those lost in its blissful creaminess.
^Crafted with vodka, Oriental Orange soda, and vanilla extract. Garnished with a dollop of sweet cream and La Noscean orange zest.^

Cherubic Colada

(7,000 Gil)
Your very own taste of Heaven. This drink boasts a well-balanced mix of sweetness, refreshing tropical flavors, and strong rum, all complimented by its lovely smooth texture. It'll have your heart fluttering contentedly, like the wings of a precious dreaming cherub.
Crafted with golden rum, cream of coconut, golden pineapple juice, blended ice. Garnished with sliced pineapple, coconut, and a cherry on top. Served in a special winged glass.


(10,000 gil)
This premium-grade special-reserve Doman sake is a perfect drink for those souls reflecting on successful atonement, seeking calm and pure worldly pleasures, or simply looking to drop a big sack of gil on some fancy and expensive booze.
Its unique fermentation process includes the infusion of water and wind crystals, with the later maturation period introducing ice and fire crystals, altogether producing a potent brew, said to “be able to intoxicate even the Kami.”Served in traditional Doman craft bottle & cups.